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The all new Bilis Mo-1 (LX04) Electric Moped. Top speed: 30mph, Range: ~80 miles with 2 batteries as standard. Charging: Just like you’d charge your phone – from any 3 pin plug. 

  • 3 year battery & bosch motor warranty (30,000 miles)
  • 2 year moped warranty (20,000 miles)
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Delivered, inspected and handed over by a Team Bilis Member, or Trusted Dealer Partner.

*Moped has space for 2 batteries. The 120 mile range model is an additional spare battery & charger.

Sale price
Price: £1,995.00


28mph (45kmh).  The Mo-1 is equivalent to a 50cc petrol moped – just better 😉

No you don’t need a full driver’s licence to ride!  If you don’t have a drivers licence, you can still ride a Mo-1 if you’re aged 16 or over, have a provisional drivers licence and complete a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course (1 day). You’ll need to repeat your CBT every 2 years until you get a full licence, which is what a lot of people do.

Yes! Imagine the time you’ll save by quitting that parent taxi service job…



The Bilis Mo-1 can travel up to 80 miles on a single charge of both batteries!  These tests were carried out with a 75kg rider – if you’re lighter than this, you might even squeeze a few extra miles out of your moped!

You don’t need an expensive EV charger.  The Mo-1 batteries are removable, so you take them into your home/office / the local cafe / your mate’s house and charge them from a standard 3-pin plug…it’s that simple! 

It takes just 4 hours to charge a single battery from 0-100%!



This is where the Mo-1 is magic – it’s not at all expensive to charge or run. Based on the average London electricity price a the time of writing (14.53 pence per kWh) you can charge both Mo-1 batteries for £0.36.  

You can do the calculation yourself to work out what it would be for your electricity tariff:

Size of battery (kWh) x Electricity cost of your supplier (pence per kWh) = Cost to charge a single battery from 0% to 100% (in pence)

Remember the Mo-1 can travel up to 80 miles with both batteries – that works out at a lot less than 1p per mile!

The Mo-1 is water resistant so you shouldn’t have a problem keeping it outside or riding it in the rain.  We love to be out, rain or shine – because there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor choice of clothing 😉

The Bilis Mo-1 really does give off zero emissions as you ride.  None.  Nada!

A fully electric vehicle like the Mo-1 doesn’t produce tailpipe emissions (carbon dioxide), or much of the pollution that conventional petrol or diesel vehicles would (there’s still a tiny bit from breaking and rubber tyres, but not much more than from a bicycle!).  This means cleaner air in cities, and fewer greenhouses gases that contribute to climate change!

Some clever people have designed apps specifically to help you with this one, but on the whole, it’s a lot easier and cheaper than parking a car!  Parking restrictions will vary slightly from place to place so make sure you get to know your local area.

In car parks – there are usually designated motorbike bays in car parks and they’re often free to park for motorcycles and mopeds!

At the roadside – similar rules apply as they would if you were parking a car, but you can fit in smaller spaces!  Plus roadside Pay & Displays sometimes have exemptions for motorcycles/mopeds too so you’ll often find free parking.  In residential streets you can see specific motorcycle parking too, again usually free.  Just make sure you check the parking restrictions to make sure!

In bicycle bays – this one’s a bit of a grey area and the jury’s out.  But technically if you wheel (definitely don’t ride, they’re usually in pedestrian areas) your moped into the bicycle rack, there is no law against parking there…

On the pavement – another grey area here.  In most places in the UK you’re legally allowed to park on the pavement as long as you’re not causing an obstruction (whatever that really means?!).  However in London it is illegal to park on the pavement in any situation.  Probably best not to push this one, but good to know if the situation ever arises!

Fortunately stealing the Mo-1 is pretty tricky, but of course it’s never impossible.  We make it as difficult as we can by including anti-theft immobilising alarms on all our vehicles.  Trust us, they’re loud and very off-putting!  

You can make it even harder for anyone to lift your Mo-1 by chaining it up when you park.

Like owning any vehicle, there are some extra costs to consider:

Insurance and breakdown cover

Servicing and parts

MOT (for the first 3 years you won’t need to worry about this) 

Plus you’ll need to factor in the cost of a decent helmet at the start.

You won’t have to worry about road tax because zero emissions vehicles are exempt!



The Greenway batteries in our Mo-1s are great, and we give you a warrantee of 3 years for each one.  You should be able to keep them going for a lot longer than 3 years by looking after them!  Look out for our future blog post on how to best look after your batteries…

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