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Segway eMoped B Series

Segway eMoped B Series

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Approach Unlock

Ninebot AirLock simplifies the complicated unlocking process. Just approach the eMoped with your phone. Unlock it by pressing the start button.

Seated then Go

The high-precision sensor actively detects the status of the eMoped. When the eMoped is parked or when the rider is not sitting on the saddle it will not accelerate even if the throttle is turned.

Park Auto Lock

The Auto-lock makes Segway eMoped B stop-and-go possible. No extra operations required, easy to use.

Push Assist

Simply twist the throttle. Get a low-speed and safe boost when pushing the eMoped.

Smart Anti-Theft Technology

GPS Positioning learns the accurate location of the eMoped anytime. Supported by smart technologies and ensuring security app automatically send notifications whenever an unusual status is detected.

Dusk-sensing Lighting

Automotive-grade intelligent dusk-sensing technology.

Dual Stage & Spring Shock Absorbers

The 2 stage external double-spring shock absorber minimizes bumpiness for a comfortable ride in any road conditions.

The eMoped can serve as your family travel partner accompanied by a wealth of original accessories. Your daily needs such as commuting, grocery shopping, and picking up children can be easily satisfied.

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